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Question: What are some of the differences between the conventional approach to gynecology and the holistic approach? FAQ

Holistic gynecology combines the best of both worlds: the latest technological knowledge that conventional medicine has to offer, especially in the area of diagnostics, along with a range of complementary and alternative treatments your average MD is only beginning to learn about.

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The conventional approach to Gynecology involves diagnosing and treating disease, whereas the holistic approach emphasizes creating a healthy body/mind/spirit which helps prevent disease. The holistic approach also looks to uncover the underlying cause of an illness and uses natural therapies targeted at the root cause. This approach can lead to faster, more complete healing with fewer medical interventions.

Many women want to incorporate alternative and natural methods of healing into their lives. Usually they prefer these methods. Often times when seeing a conventional physician, they are consciously or unconsciously belittled by the physician for their interest in this way of living and being.

It is quite understandable that a woman would prefer to seek care from a female gynecologist. Who would better know what she is going through, in relationship to these issues, than another woman. As a female Gynecologist Dr. Keswani understands a women from a women’s perspective.

The holistic approach is interested in how a woman’s life experience impacts their health. Together, the practitioner and patient come to appreciate that their past and present experiences impact their efforts to “create health” on a day to day basis. Together they view health, not just as the absence of disease, but rather as wholeness and balance in all aspects of their lives. A balance that is dynamic and always shifting and changing, rather than static and only requiring doing one thing over a lifetime. The needs of women shift and change as they move through the cycles of the month, and the cycles of their lives. Addressing “body, mind and spirit” issues is done with the understanding that this division is actually only a device we use to help us order our approach and treatments. Body, mind and spirit are actually one thing and always completely united. Those issues that impact one aspect always impact the others.

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